Amazon Echo Update

Updates are being made to everyone’s favorite: Amazon Echo.

Voice calling and messaging are now becoming a possibility straight from Amazon Echo. On May 9th, Amazon announced the launch of the touchscreen Echo Show, which will have features that work on the standard Echo speaker and Echo Dot.

This feature includes everything such as asking Alexa to call someone straight from your contacts, which will result in their Alexa device to begin ringing. Fortunately, Amazon is increasing this update to both iOS and Android users with the Alexa app.

With the new update, Echo Show will also have features such as video calls, which will also be included and work with the Alexa app for both, iOS and Android uses too. This feature, however, will add something unique: Drop In. This will allow approved contacts to automatically start a video call, which also include automatically turning on the recipient’s camera and mic which is perfect to check on elderly relatives or your little ones.

The next additional cool feature is voice messaging, which allows your friends and family members to interact with you and each other through messages. This is a bit more useful because you are able to send a voice message without actually calling someone first. Instead, you simply ask Alexa to message whoever you like about whatever you want. Messages can be sent and received through the Alexa app, or from Echo devices, which will have a green light glow on the device when new messages are unread.

These cool updates will make Amazon Echo much more useful and easier to use. Leaving you completely hands–free in voice calling and voice messaging.