Business Apps for Time Management

In our last blog we began looking at technology solutions for busy business leaders and managers. We explored organization and how advancements in applications can help you get organized and stay organized. In this blog we will continue to look at technology, but shift gears towards time management applications and tips.

There are hundreds of apps out there, mostly free, that can help you keep track of your precious time whether you need to bill clients per hour or just as a way to stay productive and on task. Using your time wisely can become a little bit easier if you try to track and monitor how your time is spent and where it may be wasted.

  • Project Tracking – Ever wonder at the end of a large project how many hours were spent on the actual work? It would be great to know if the end justify the means or if possibly you wasted time somewhere along the way. Toggl is a great app that can help you track how much time you spend on different projects. Effective time management starts with being clear on exactly how much time you actually spend on your projects and tasks, and then analyze how you can manage them more effectively.
  • Staying on Task – If you or any of your employees have trouble staying on one project at a time or get caught up multitasking an app that helps them focus may be helpful. Focus Booster is an app that us based on the pomodoro technique, that helps employees maintain focus and manage distractions.
  • Planning – Part of time management is planning ahead on what needs to be done on each project you are tasked with. Mindmapping is a great productivity technique, and Mind42 is the best free mind mapping app. It helps you to get more organized by focusing your thoughts thereby gaining clarity on what needs to be done.