Quickbooks vs. Excel

Are you a small-medium size business owner who still spends hours bookkeeping in excel? Are you spending the majority of the day creating excel formulas and formatting fields to change colors whenever a data change occurs? Well, maybe you should consider a more efficient and less time consuming way of doing so by using Quickbooks.

The Quickbooks software is made to make bookkeeping more efficient and effective. One way in which the program does this is through its financial register, which functions like a checkbook by tracking all expenses and cash flow. The software also links banking and merchant services accounts. By doing this, Quickbooks automatically downloads information and updates debits and credits everyday. Another major function allowed by this program is that it links point-of-sale processing, which allows all cash flow data to be in the same, one place. Because of this, Quickbooks doesn’t just make bookkeeping simple but it also makes tax reporting just as simple. The Quickbooks account can be added to the reporting for taxes by merely downloading the report, which is a big time saver from having to search for receipts and registries in order to transfer them over into an excel sheet.

If this information alone doesn’t convince you to make the switch, let’s go deeper into the services. Quickbooks comes in three different levels to help satisfy whatever needs your business may have.

Quickbooks Pro

This is the basic form of the software. It registers for bank accounts and credit cards, has customer and vendor tracking, and more inventory reporting in details.

Quickbooks Premier

This provides all that the Pro version does but more detailed reporting and the ability to add extra inventory. If this isn’t blowing your mind already, this version also provides pre-built reports specific to various industries like retailers, wholesalers, non-profits, contractors, and professional services.

Quickbooks Enterprise

This is somewhat of the expertise version out of all three. The enterprise version is best for businesses that are in multiple locations. It provides all the services the other two versions have but with more customization. It also allows more inventory features like the ability to barcode scan and track products. Even with all these amazing features, the best part about this version of Quickbooks has to be the one-year service of unlimited technical support.