Mastering the Google Drive

Google, the big name from search engines to personal email, does it all. In fact your small or medium sized business may now be using Google Drive as a primary mode of organization and communicating in and out of the office. If your company, like many successful businesses, uses Google Drive to communicate, share and document client content and emails, you may need some tutorial on how to become a Google Drive Master. Here are a few tips to help you “up your game” with Google Drive.

  • Get Organized – Organization is key to being able to navigate Google Drive seamlessly, especially when you have a lot of files. Organize your files, spreadsheets and documents in folders using stars and color features so they are easy to find and access. Google Drive also allows you to select and move or open multiple files at once.
  • Look at History – If you have been looking at multiple drafts of a document you can easily look at revision history of Google Drive to choose an older version you may have liked better. With Revision History, you can see up to 30 days of file revisions with each person’s changes showing in a unique color. You can even click ‘Show more detailed revisions’ button at the bottom to get a minute by minute view of the edits that have been made to the document.
  • Insert Links Easily – To add a link in Google Drive, simply type Command + K. Based on the word highlighted, Google automatically shows the top search results for that word.
  • Use Translator – If you want to read a file written in another language or translate a document you have written, it is simple to do within Google Drive. Simply click to Tools -> Translate document.
  • Add Ons – There are a large number of add ons that can be chosen to do specific tasks for your unique business. While there are tons of options that you can personalize to your own needs, but here is a link so some of the more useful ones here.