Care for your Keyboard


A computer keyboard is probably the most used part of your desktop or laptop. Without it, navigating your computer becomes fairly difficult, if not impossible. Unfortunately, your keyboard is also the most abused and overlooked part of your work space. How many times have you eaten lunch or a snack over your keyboard only to lose bits of your sandwich or chips into the dark recesses beneath the keys or, worse yet, spilled drops of your coffee on the board. Add to the crumbs and spills, the natural buildup of gunk and the keyboard is like its own little ecosystem. Therefore, cleaning and caring for your keyboard should be a top priority. Here are some quick tips to caring for your keyboard.


  • Avoid getting the keyboard wet. I know, I know. . . . drinking your morning coffee at your desk is a part of how you function each day. So, try putting a cover on your cup or putting it in a non spill mug. Liquids can short circuit a keyboard. If you do spill turn the keyboard over and shake out the liquid as much as possible. Use a can of compressed air to blow out the liquid from between the keys. Always unplug it if you think it could short out.
  • Use a transparent cover. Using a transparent cover can keep dust and unwanted debris from getting between the keys but will allow you to continue to type.
  • Regularly clean your keyboard. Keeping your keyboard clean is an easy process that you should perform regularly. You will need compressed air, a vacuum cleaner, a lint-free cloth and mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Try starting the cleaning by tapping out the dirt, then blowing it out. Clean each surface of the keys as well. Then, use a vacuum to suck out the dirt.
  • Intensive cleaning may be needed occasionally. For really filthy keyboards you may need to take the board apart and clean under each letter and number individually. This may include removing each key and cleaning under each with a Q-Tip.