Pesky Pop Ups

They are every computer user’s arch nemesis – the dreaded pop up ad. While pop ups are a major hassle when you are trying to focus on your work, they are also a potential danger to your computer’s health. While pop up ads  are intended to drive traffic to a website or gain email lists, they can also be pornographic, a marketing ploy, spam or just plain ol’ unnecessary. Some pop ups even claim that your system is infected and to take action immediately. None of us need this nonsense in our lives. So let’s look at the danger of pop up ads and how to effectively neutralize them.


Some pop ups are not merely meant as advertising but have a more sinister function. Cyber criminals use these programs to distribute adware, spyware and more destructive types of malware. Clicking on or opening one of these pop ups could install a Trojan horse that unloads other malicious applications on your system or a keystroke logger with the ability to access any confidential data from tax information and passwords to your bank account.


Due to the maliciousness of some pop up ads, users can never be too careful when it comes to dealing with them. Interacting with pop ups can be a tricky deal so it is best to avoid getting them to begin with. There are several options computer users can take to  prevent these pop ups. If you can afford to buy pop up blocking software, that may be your best bet. However, there are free programs out there as well as steps that you can take on your own to block these unwanted ads from showing up in the first place.


For Chrome users Google has several pages giving specific directions on blocking pop ups. Read more HERE.  For Firefox and Internet Explorer users here are some directions to get started. If you have multiple interfaces or have had no luck getting rid of these malicious pop ups call M&H Consulting for the expert help to keep your computers protected.