Preserving Your Smartphone Battery

Let’s face it, we all hate having to wait hours for our phones to charge or are terrified that leaving it plugged overnight will overcharge the battery. A smartphone battery can either last a long time, or they can no longer maintain the same fully charged system. Between myths and obvious warnings, there are ways to better preserve your battery and prolong its life and initially the phone as well. Follow along to find out the different ways to maintain the staying power of your battery.

    1. Brightness – Dimming the brightness on your phone is a great way to help your battery. This also includes using auto brightness. Having large and colorful display is easily the #1 enemy to your battery life. Lowering the brightness uses less power, as well as lowering it to the lowest setting you can tolerate can make a huge difference.
    2. Don’t leave apps running – Another big battery drainer is leaving apps running in the background. This can burn a lot of energy, and some apps are very heavy on battery life such as Facebook and Snapchat. By no longer leaving them running in the back, it will drastically reduce its power consumption, giving you an extra hour or two in battery life.  
    3. Turn off Wi-Fi – Constantly leaving the Wi-Fi still running on apps is a serious drainage to battery life. Rather than leaving it on, turn off your Wi-Fi radio and other apps that still use the Wi-Fi even when you are not using it.


  • Battery charge – Try avoiding a full 100% charge. Fully charging it to 100% will shorten the battery’s lifespan. Instead, only do a full battery charge once a month, as it helps recalibrate the battery. With a daily charge, a good range to maintain in is between 40-80%. It is also important to not let the battery drop below 20%.

Following these four helpful tips will help keep your battery from draining in a matter of 3 hours. When combined together, they will make a significant impact on your smartphone.