Remote Conferencing

Communication is key to a successful business, whether it is staying in touch with clients, customers, vendors, or your employees. Our American economy is no longer just local or regional in nature, but global. That means communication many times happens remotely through video conferencing, email, web applications, or smartphone apps. Does your company have the right technology to stay in touch from a distance? Here are a few of the top web conferencing software programs that will help you stay in touch and maintain communication necessary for a successful business:


  • ConnectWise Control – This program allows for 1:1 screen sharing through remote support and remote access tools. Remote meetings allow for an unlimited number of attendees. It also allows users to collaborate, hold training sessions, provide project updates, talk customers into buying their stuff, or anything in between.
  • Blackboard Collaborate – This web conferencing solution supports a modern workplace with two-way VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocols), multi-point video, built-in phone conferencing, interactive whiteboard, desktop sharing, and more.
  • Webinato – Used by industry leaders such as Amazon and Hubspot, this platform allows for a secure environment for professional presentations and has many interactive features.
  • Same Page – Collaborate with your team on video calls and through content sharing. Combine files, tasks, calendars, maps, videos, and team conversation together on one page. Edit a page simultaneously with anyone all while chatting with them in great video quality.


There are hundreds of conferencing platforms and software packages. Let M&H Consulting help you decide which is best for your company. Call us at 1-(866)-964-8324 for a free initial consultation.