The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

“Siri,  what time is it in London right now?”

“Alexa, access the audio of last nights conference.”

“Echo, shut the shades for the presentation.”

If you thought that artificial intelligence is not a trend in 2017, think again. AI is  all around us, on our smartphones, in our cars and in Amazon dots that sit on our countertops. Automation has been around for decades but slowly that automation has taken on more of a role in our business and home lives. Automation has made work easier, in some cases to the point of replacing the human factor. Automation has also become more intuitive and accurate. Where this trend is going has experts wondering just how far artificial intelligence will play a role in the business world.

Most expert in AI agree that the presence of artificial technology is not going anywhere and will in fact increase in its use. Here are just a two ways that AI may begin to impact the business world within this year.

  • Data Sorting – One area that artificial intelligence is thriving is sorting and organizing big data. AI can gather and analyze massive amounts of data in short periods of time. It can then deliver insights and recommendations based on what it learns, and act on those insights without relying on a human to intervene or guide it.
  • Supervising – While the idea of a machine supervising work may seem a little too “out there,” it is in the realm of possibility. Many automated processes in companies can be switched over to AI technology and leave employees to handle more subjective jobs. Human employees can then oversee the technology handling the software.

Keep an eye on AI in the workplace and return to our blog to find out more as the year unfolds.