WiFi and Your Business

We live in a wonderful world where we can get work done just about anywhere with the wonders of WiFi. Whether it is at a public coffee shop or at a client meeting outside the office, WiFi has opened up many doors to conducting business wherever and whenever. Does your business offer WiFi? More and more businesses are doing just that. By offering WiFi to visitors, clients, and consumers, owners hope to increase customer satisfaction or possibly make doing business just that much easier.


Here are some more benefits of offering secured WiFi at your place of business.


  • Increase Marketing – Promote your business when allowing customers or clients to log in through your WiFi. For example, businesses can create a custom landing page when clients log in through their WiFi. And don’t forget about social media. Many people “check in” via social media when they log in to a company’s free WiFi.
  • Create Comfort – When clients or customers have access to WiFi they tend to stick around since they know they can access data at your place of business. This sense of comfort means that they will visit and revisit your business. This means they will potentially spend more money and feel more comfortable at your company than at those not offering WiFi.
  • The Competitive Edge – Most workers today rely on mobile devices, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to get some aspect of their work done. For those who are “on-the-go” regularly, they count on companies such as yours to give them access to files, data, and information while traveling. When your company offers this, it gives your company a competitive edge over other companies who do not offer secure WiFi and a means to get the daily work done.
  • Boost Profits – Companies that offer free and secured WiFi can see a boost in profits since they are encouraging clients and consumers to stick around. For example, if a business traveler sets up shop in your bookstore to get his/her work done they will most likely purchase a coffee, book, or other item while visiting. It is a small investment for a good return.


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