Cloud Services

Never buy a PC or server again

Grow your business without funding capital expenditures for IT infrastructure. Outsource the maintenance of these systems and reduce your total cost of ownership. As your computing requirements change, Cloud Services will upgrade existing virtual hardware configurations and operating systems.

Work from anywhere

Users gain access to their CloudConnect Desktop utilizing any internet capable device from any location with high speed Internet access. Using your choice of either a local plugin or HTML5 client via a web browser, the platform supports tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops, whether PC or Apple.

Reduce IT costs

The total cost of ownership of a single PC for small businesses generally exceeds $1,100 per year when considering amortized hardware and software purchases, support, and power consumption. Cloud Services virtual desktops and file servers are distributed as a managed service, transforming IT capital costs into a predictable lower monthly expense. This eliminates the likelihood of hardware failure and visits from an IT consultant.

Bring your current platform to the Cloud

Cloud Services is one of the first platforms to deliver the flexibility and security of Cloud Computing to small businesses, eliminating the need for employees to be retrained with new software systems. Because Cloud Services supports nearly all mainstream computer operating systems, your virtual desktops and servers are an exact clone of your existing IT infrastructure. Keep your existing platform, but empower your business with the security and flexibility of hosted virtual desktops.


Build a new solution that fits your needs

Don’t let the capital costs of information systems keep you from growing your business. As a Microsoft hosting partner, Cloud Services provides nearly all Microsoft software products and operating systems as a service, with no upfront capital cost. Let Cloud Services build virtual desktops, servers, and applications to your specifications, and increase productivity immediately.

Grow your business on demand

As new employees are hired, template virtual desktops are provisioned in our datacenter. Maintenance-free Desktop Receivers are delivered to your office the next day as part of your subscription, and new employees are up and running. Cloud Services Desktop Receivers are non-user, non-location specific. Move your office without any downtime, or setup a remote office instantly. With Cloud Services, simply plug your Desktop Receiver into any internet connection, and pick up right where you left off.

Automatic data recovery

Ever delete or modify a file accidentally? How much time or money was lost recreating or recovering the file? Did your IT consultant have to visit your office? With Cloud Services, your virtual desktops and servers exist on an enterprise-level storage area network. If you accidentally delete a file or folder, call our friendly Help Desk. They will revert your system back to a previous state, and you can recover the data you need.

Secure encrypted data storage

Physical theft of data creates a significant liability for employers. Business interruption, replacement of expensive stolen hardware, and unauthorized access to sensitive information can be a business owner’s nightmare. At Cloud Services, we are one of the first datacenters to implement self-encrypting hard drives. Encrypting hard drives are a high performance solution for securing data. Using military-grade encryption algorithms, data is inaccessible if physically removed from our site, keeping your company in safe harbor and uninterrupted if theft or disaster occurred.

Absolutely 100% hosted

Cloud Services is not simply a remote data backup or off-site data storage solution. As users work, data is created and secured in the Cloud. Your Desktop Receiver stores no information locally. If your Desktop Receiver is stolen or destroyed, your data is not.

Upgrade anytime from anywhere

At Cloud Services, your virtual desktops and servers are elastic and completely flexible. With a brief phone call or email to the Help Desk, Cloud Services will increase your storage capacity, add processing power or system memory. You may also remotely upgrade your operating system, or convert systems from 32 bit to 64 bit. This enables you to keep existing legacy platforms, but get into the Cloud now. When you’re ready to upgrade, our friendly Help Desk is standing by.

Friendly enterprise support

Imagine a Fortune 500 style Help Desk standing by while you work. With a simple phone call, users may grant our technicians access to view systems and resolve issues in real time. Since your system is hosted at Cloud Services, our engineers and technicians handle all maintenance of the physical platform. Technicians monitor your system for security threats; including viruses, hacks, or spyware, and automatically install critical operating system patches from the manufacturer. There is no hardware to maintain, no software to update, and no password databases to manage.

Collaborate faster with other Cloud Services subscribers

Cloud Services is more than just an IT business: We are a community of small and medium businesses, working out of an enterprise-style Cloud. At Cloud Services, users have access to CloudNET, our private internet service. Collaborate faster with other Cloud Services users by emailing or downloading files from member servers at virtual download speeds of up to 1 Gbps from anywhere in the world (1,000 times faster than a standard broadband connection today). Don’t let the internet hold back your business, or your industry. Move and share at the speed of your business.

Nearly eliminate downtime

The Cloud Services platform is fault tolerant and designed with redundancy and availability at every layer of abstraction. Not only does our Cloud take snapshots of your system nightly, but we also mirror all data onto two independent geographically separated datacenters in real time. Even if our primary fault tolerant site fails or suffers a catastrophic loss, you can rest assured knowing your desktops and servers are not only secure, but also available to be accessed from our backup site. Immunize your business from hard drive crashes, hardware failures, or other catastrophic losses.

A greener approach

Cloud Services replaces old computers with sleek, maintenance-free Desktop Receivers. These devices use much less electricity than your existing PC or server. This reduces your electric bill, and aids in keeping the environment green.