IT Consulting Services

M&H can help with:

EMERGENCIES: We come on-site to fix: hardware, software, or networking issues.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: We come in regularly to service your computers to increase longevity, ensure backups and anti-virus are protecting you in addition to any list of technical tasks you may have. Ask about this service we call “Tech for a Day”.

NETWORKING: Many times networking is done with a move or expansion. However, it can be covered under preventive maintenance or an emergency. We can help troubleshoot, enable you to work remotely, upload/download data to other computers, palm pilot or have information be accessible on the internet (see software development).

INSTANT IT EVALUATIONS: We come in and review your network, your office systems, intranet, web tools, internet and workflow. By assessing all aspects of your technical environment, we get a thorough background of your technology infrastructure so we can help you plan for updates, prevent problems and service you better.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: This is specific to each customer. For some, we can create an easy-to-use website that will enable non-technical people to update it, for others it could be EDI work to automate and streamline vendor communications, for others it could be Quickbooks/Excel integration or customer database. The evaluation can highlight areas we can help with custom software development.

PURCHASES: M&H can help by specifying the right kind of system to purchase. This can save you by not choosing more than you need, but still enabling you to grow.