The M&H Staff

with over 100 years of technical support between them.

Gavin Mish

Gavin Mish - Partner

Gavin likes baseball, spending time with his family, and sci-fi movies. He grew up in Sharon, MA with an older sister and younger brother, and currently resides in Sherborn, MA with his wife Zoa, and 3 children Sofia, Noah, and Alana. Gavin dislikes politicians and anything illogical.

Tom Harriss

Tom Harriss - Partner

Tom likes the Patriots (go Brady!), and tech gadgets. He grew up in Richmond, VA with his brother and sister, and currently resides in Natick, MA with his wife Carol, and 3 children Alexa, Jessica, and Max. Tom dislikes when people over-complicate things and is a big fan of "KISS" (keep it simple, stupid).

Anna Moores

Anna Moores – Office Administrator

Anna likes Friday night movies with her kids. She grew up in West Newton, MA with an older brother and older sister, and currently resides in West Newton, MA with her son and daughter, Tommy and Kaylee, and dog Leo. Anna dislikes when you let someone go in traffic and they do not say Thank You!

Matt Carreiro

Matt Carreiro – Technical Director

Matt likes the Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics…. Spending time outside in New Hampshire, and going to the beach. He grew up in Burlington, MA with his sister and currently resides in Billerica, MA with his wife Corie, son Christopher, and cat Dave. Matt dislikes the fact that 5400rpm drives are still made, people who post every second of their life on Facebook, and drivers that get mad at you when they made the mistake.

Rob Demers

Rob Demers – Field Technician

Rob likes cooking, reading, skiing, and time on the lake. He grew up in Andover and Methuen, MA with two sisters, and currently resides in Methuen, MA. Rob dislikes poor grammar, poor spelling and poor ability to form a cohesive paragraph. And traffic. Definitely traffic.

Tim Clarkin

Tim Clarkin – Field Technician

Tim likes playing music, listening to music, going to see live music, bowling, watching football, hockey, and baseball. He grew up in Medfield, MA with two brothers and currently resides in Providence, RI. Tim dislikes when asked “You're pretty tall, do you play basketball?”.

Justin Bowden

Justin Bowden – Field Technician

Justin likes gaming, poker, and watching Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy Movies. He grew up in Pawtucket, RI with one sister and one brother and currently resides in Holden, MA with his girlfriend Leah, and stepson Skyler. Justin dislikes going out. He would rather just hang around at home and relax than have to go pretty much anywhere in his free time.

Tim Harrington

Tim Harrington – Field Technician

Tim likes retro video games, comic books, muscle cars, and loud music. He grew up in Worcester, MA and currently resides in Millbury, MA. Tim dislikes traffic, tonsillitis, and razors.

Jevon Baker

Jevon Baker – Field Technician

Jevon enjoys music, movies, TV shows, sports, video games and working on cars and motorcycles. He is from Bermuda and is an only child. Currently he lives in Revere, MA with his girlfriend Joanna. Jevon dislikes when people neglect their cars and also when gamers get angry at a game.

Dmitriy Monakhov

Dmitriy Monakhov – Field Technician

Dmitriy enjoys hiking and just being outside or relaxing and not doing anything. Originally born in Russia (and bilingual) but now resides in Norwood, MA. Dislikes impatient people and eggplant.